GP Pays Basque has set up direct professional customer relationship services to meet all requirements :

A rapid-response sales department :

  • You can reach one of us at any time on 05 59 29 81 60
  • Reserve your order before the season if you wish
  • We take your needs and obligations into account and offer you a customised solution (personal offers, delivery facilities).
  • We keep in touch throughout the whole process (from first contact to delivery of goods).
  • We’ll keep you updated (beginning and end of the season, start of delivery, end of stringing, etc).

Our specialised export
department speaks four languages

A quality department that works :

We’ll guide you through the procedures :
  • Referencing: tailoring to your specifications and specific quality requirements (analysis of additional products), updating of document chain, setting-up tests (ageing, sealing, etc.)
  • Creating new products: we’ll help you through the compliance procedure as regards PDO specifications (recipe, labelling, etc.)

An efficient logistics department

Dispatching packs, parcels and pallets. Whatever the size, however urgent your order, we’ll find the best delivery service.