IFS Food (International Featured Standard) is the reference document for foodstuff quality and safety. Drawn up in 2003 by French and German distribution federations, it is recognised worldwide.
Following this framework means confronting and complying with 278 requirements spread over 6 fundamental themes:
  • Senior management responsibility
  • Food safety management system (risk analysis according to HACCP methodology)
  • Resource management   (workforce, hygiene, training, sanitary facilities)
  • Planning and production process
    • Rigorous and selective purchasing procedure
    • Control of traceability from raw material to finished product. Control of infrastructure
    • Control of cleaning and disinfection of processing plants
    • Handling of risks related to waste / foreign bodies / allergens / vermin
    • Mastery of storage / transport / maintenance procedures
  • Measurements, analysis, improvements :
    • Analysis and tests at each stage of the production cycle
    • Regular internal and external audits on the whole quality management system
    • Procedure for dealing with claims and non-compliance
  • Protection of the food chain against malicious acts.

    We use this code of reference as a guide and work hard to meet all the requirements in order to guarantee the safety, compliance and quality of our products.
    This effort is evaluated annually by a certification audit carried out by an accredited body with approved auditors. This inspection allows us to check our performance and assume accountability. We are thus able to fix new objectives and adopt an attitude of continuous improvement.